Getting Married in Malta

Wedding Season: Malta Travel Guide 2018

Getting married overseas in sunny, seaside locations like Malta can be fantastic. Just think about it – you’re already at your honeymoon destination, when you have your marriage ceremony. You have a party to celebrate the wedding and then you can just relax. Forget about leaving before the party is over, or grabbing an early flight the next morning. You have already done the traveling part before the wedding ceremony even begins.

Here a few points to note about getting married in Malta –

1. you won’t have as many guests at your wedding.

Some see this as a good thing as they cut down on their party catering budget, while others would prefer to have more people there on their big day. We’re just letting you know that having less guests at the party is extremely likely,

2. you could need some big suitcases

if you want to dress up in wedding dresses and fancy suits, then you’re going to need to buy some big suitcases at one of the online luggage retailers like the Online Luggage Shop – best large suitcases 2018. If on the other hand you want to wear a grass skirt, with shorts and t-shirts for the groom, then you’re going to be traveling a whole lot lighter,

3. less stress

Typically, overseas weddings are a lot less stressful that weddings at home, mostly because there is a lot less people and a lot less pomp. You’re less likely to be stressing about the flowers, and the bridesmaids dresses when it’s a smaller and more intimate situation, and frequently this is a much more pleasant experience for the bride and groom.

Additionally, if you want to try an alternative to the traditional wedding day set up you can view our Malta Camping Guide here – Malta Campsite Guide: Best Outdoor Camping Tents Review for 2018

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Tips On How To Get A Good Scuba Diving Instructor

Are you ready to explore the wonders that the amazing underwater world has to offer? Then, you need to look into learning scuba diving. There are a lot of scuba diving centers out there that offer diving courses that will help you learn and acquire the skills that you need to scuba dive on your own. However, not all of them have highly skilled diving instructors. If you’re really serious about learning the sport, then you need to make sure that you get yourself mentored by the right professional.

First off, take the time to do some online research on Google. List down different diving schools in your area. Be sure to include their contact details as well so that you can call them up later on if you want to make further inquiries such as ask for the price of the diving courses that they offer. It would also be best for you to take a close look at the different equipment that they have, which they let their students use during practicals. Furthermore, look at the locations where they do their classes. All these things will help you determine which one among them is the best choice.

Take a look at the diving courses offered at

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Croatia Outdoor Wedding Venues and Must Have

Summer Wedding Must-Have!

The summer season is coming around again this year, and it is a very popular time for weddings to be held. However, it can be tough to know what to have at your wedding so it matches the appropriate season! One of the main things you should consider putting into your wedding is the type of cake. Often times, the cake is not the most important feature until after the wedding is over and the reception has begun. Choosing a cake can be quite difficult because not only do you have to determine the looks of the cake, but you also have to determine what the guests will like more inside the cake. One of the best things to purchase during the summer for your wedding is a theme cake! Theme cakes always make great additions to weddings, and they can provide your whole party with a laugh depending on what theme you get. The most important part of the cake is the topper, having a funny topper such as a ball and chain on the groom can make the cake the center of the wedding. A cake is one of the things you should consider during the summer season!

Another important piece to making your summer wedding spectacular is the decorations you put into it. Once again going with a theme is a smart idea, and you can even have the participants in the wedding dress accordingly to the theme. For the theme, a popular theme is bright colors. Since it is summer, you will want to have the bridesmaids and the best man dress accordingly, and if your wedding will be held in a field with the sun brightly shining, a yellow colored dress would fit perfectly with the summer theme. Another must-have for your summer wedding is the appropriate time of day. You want to schedule your wedding more towards the afternoon, rather than mid-day. This is important because you will have the sunset to enjoy as the wedding is occurring, and often times guests can get irritated if the sun is too bright and too hot. One of the main reasons people do not enjoy weddings is because they can be uncomfortable due to the weather, and scheduling your wedding during the appropriate time of day during the summer can make a huge difference and make your weddings one of the most spectacular in the summer season.

Weddings abroad Europe | Russian weddings in Croatia from DTSTUDIO Cinematic Wedding Video on Vimeo.

Another summer wedding must have is a proper reception. One of the main reasons people attend is because of the reception, this is where people get to talk to each other and meet new friends and have fun. A summer wedding must have is good entertainment, as if you have a nice band booked it can make a huge difference in your wedding. One of the main reasons weddings aren’t enjoyable for some people is the fact that the reception did not have any work into it, and the reception is perhaps one of the most important pieces to a wedding excluding the ceremony. The reception is where you will enjoy the cake, and share important dances with the bride and groom. Here you will create memories that can last a lifetime, and choosing the appropriate decorations can make a huge difference. Another thing to consider is the food that is served in the reception. Often times food is overlooked and there is not much of a choice between what you wish to order, and a summer wedding must have is good food. As you can see, there are many things that can make your summer wedding spectacular.

There are certain venues, countries and locations that are perfect for an outdoor wedding. Croatia is one of them. For more information you can check. This is a wedding planning website and they help you plan their wedding from start to finish. Also there are a list of wedding venues where you can make your wedding. Price range from $1000 to like $150,000. Enjoy!

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Villas for Rent or For Sale

Looking At Villas for Rent or For Sale

After visiting Valletta a few years back, my husband and I decided that we definitely wanted to go back there at some point. We have recently come into some money from a family member that died on his side of the family, and we have decided that we want to buy property somewhere.

I started looking online for real estate for sale around us. Then I started talking to my husband about vacation homes and he asked me if I had looked at Valletta Malta real estate for sale. He said he would love to own something there. I immediately pulled up the real estate websites that have property for sale in Valletta Malta. This is a fantastic city which has so much history and historic buildings so purchasing a property there is definitely a wise decision for those who want to see their investment increase in value drastically over time

I found several vacation homes and condos that are just what we are thinking about purchasing. While the price is a little higher than camps around our own area, we have pretty much made up our mind that we want a vacation home here. We would only need to pay for travel to the area and not for the stay. Since we are both getting ready to retire we would be able to use something like this.

The property selection process

I have saved several listings so I can show them to my husband. I want to see which ones he wants to look at so we can make travel arrangements to visit Valletta Malta and see the properties in person. My husband can take time off from work when needed and as soon as he tells me which homes he wants to look at I plan on contacting the real estate agent that they are listed with.

St. Julians, Malta

Since we will be paying cash for the property and not financing it, I imagine that the sale will be a hassle free and easy one to complete. We don’t want to have any loans, even for a vacation home like this and want to pay the asking price for it. Since most of the properties for sale in Valletta are old, our friend from the villa rentals website Luxury Villas Malta have suggested we should buy an old property and convert it, this will have charm and character.

There is also no rates, property taxes, council tax or other tax of some sort in Malta, so once you purchase a property there’s no running costs involved except that of the maintenance of your property. Tradesmen are also cheap compared to other countries like Australia or America. Houses are very durable because they are built from masonry stone which stands high winds and heavy rain fall.

I can’t wait to see these homes in person so we can choose which one will be most suitable for our needs. I know that many of these homes are in great locations since I looked at them on the map. Finding one that is in great shape and has exactly what we want is important. We don’t want to put any work into the home after we purchase it and want it to be in the best shape possible.

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Horseback Riding Adventure


Horseback riding is ideal form of recreations, which successfully degrades stress and raises the level of psychophysical abilities. Feelings of satisfaction and control arising from riding and controlling animal from five hundred kilograms are the powerful “drug” that boosts confidence.

Horseback riding gives the experience of freedom and mobility. Contact with the animal that has no prejudice outgrows in a special love.

Horses beauty and nobility, its warmth and rhythm of movement, create combination with unique therapeutic effect. Horseback riding relaxes and benefits the overall health, raises the level of psychophysical abilities and makes people more pleased with themselves and their body.

With horseback riding, as a form of recreation, you can begin to deal with regardless of age, and you can do it throughout whole life. In this time, when people are estranged from nature, horseback riding allows a return to nature, and it promotes a healthy and natural way of life.

Therapeutic horseback riding, in addition to recreational and sports component, includes educational and medical component. Riding relaxes and degrades accumulated stress.

Whole body benefits from it, raises up the level of all psychophysical abilities, especially psychomotoric and cognitive abilities, so the person becomes more pleased with itself and its body. Horseback riding makes muscles, spine, joints and connective tissue stronger. Riding promotes and coordinates motorical functions, coordination of movement and general body mobility.

Horseback riding stimulates breathing, the functioning of the heart and body circulation system and improves digestion. With horseback riding, a person can be and can remain active despite the restrictions in mobility, which are created due to disease or aging process, and thus reduces or even erases feeling of social isolation and less value.

From therapeutic horseback riding people of all ages can benefit, people with different mental and/or emotional damage. The treatment includes a designed contact with a horse, learning to controlling the horse by doing, learning and practice riding on a horse (specially adapted according to the type of handicap), teaching in the barn, games on horseback, trail riding, dressage elements and preparation for sports competitions for more advanced riders.

Except for the healthy children, horseback riding is the ideal form of therapy for children (and adults) with special needs, with the aim of improving the quality of their lives. Horseback riding and care for horses represent an inexhaustible source of incentives for healthy psycho physical development of the child, and especially for the development of personality. With taking care for the horses, children become responsible towards themselves and others, and develop their emotional and social life skills.

Apart from the recreational and therapeutic riding, horses are used for various forms of competition.

Equestrian jumping is Olympic discipline. It takes place in space where the groins are set up in specific row. Player with less groins knocked down wins, in case of two riders having the same number, the winner is the rider who finished race track quicker.

Competitions are held in the remote riding, gallop and canter races.

Gallop races are, for sure, most fascinating form of sports with a horse, and it is also called “equestrian formula one”. Gallop races are definitely the most expanded races in the world, taking places from England, where gallop races where held firs, and all over Europe and America to Hong Kong and Australia. Full-blooded English race horses compete in these races with very light riders called jockeys. Full-blooded English race horse are very expensive and the prizes in gallop races are very high. Just for information, year old full-blooded race horse cost up to 6.5 millions USD.

There are also contests like “Best riding horse” and “The best family horse.” Some of these competitions estimate the appearance and structure of the horses, while others deal with horse behavior. There are also special competitions in dressage of the horses.

Update: What does everyone need after a long day of horse riding. A nice massage.

Definately the end of a perfect day out.


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