The Best Massage Therapist in Malta

Moving to Malta? Here’s the best massage advice for you

A massage is a form of therapy that manipulates the tissues of the body such as muscles, tendons, connective tissues, joints, and ligaments. Massage therapy has been used to treat both chronic and acute conditions in patients. The two main categories of massage include relaxation massage and rehabilitative massage.

Relaxation massage is also referred to as Swedish massage is meant to create a sense of relaxation after discomfort in carrying out day to day activities. It is practiced mostly in wellness centers, spas, and resorts. Rehabilitation massage, on the other hand, is also known as clinical or deep tissue massage. It is performed so as to restore or rebuild the body that has been damaged. This form is carried out in hospitals, clinics, and chiropractic offices.

The benefits of a massage for both men and women are immense. They include reduction of tension in the muscles, facilitate the improvement of joint mobility, elimination of pain, improved blood circulation, digestion and lymphatic drainage. Despite the benefits of massage mentioned, some people, especially men fear taking part in a massage session.

Reasons for the fear

What men fear the most during a massage is getting an erection in a massage session. The probability that a man will have an erection during a massage is high. The reason why it is feared is that the situation may turn to be embarrassing to the man. No one likes to feel embarrassed.

The other reason why getting an erection is feared is because of the reaction of the therapist or masseuse. The reaction may be of surprise, disgust or an awkwardness. In other cases, some therapists ignore and appreciate the reaction. It all depends on the situation and the professionalism of the individual. The uncertainty that is created by not knowing the reaction to the erection is what brings about the fear.

Thirdly, in cases where the masseuse is a female, a wrong message may be sent causing fear. Although an erection is a normal body reaction that is innocent, some people may not see that. The females may think that the man has other intentions sexual in nature. It may create fear, panic and in some cases the halting of the session. All these reactions may be damaging to the emotional state and well-being of the men. The scenarios make the men feel that the situation is not worth it and avoid massage sessions in totality.  When I was working with these accidents occurred very frequently on our yacht charters in Malta.

How to take control of these situations

Instead of being fearful of messages, there are a few steps that men can take to control embarrassing situations. These include;

Research, identify and use massage clinics that uphold high standards of professionalism. With professional staff, incidences of an erection or other bodily functions will not be an issue. This is because they understand the reactions of the body and they will be okay with it.

Derek from HubMalta says that establishing a professional relationship with the masseuse where you are open to talking about situations that may occur so as to make you comfortable. For example, it is important for the both of you to know the possibilities of some situations happening such as an erection, farts, sleeping off and drooling.

Finally, prepare your mind and embrace the session in a calm state. You can relax your body by taking a shower before the massage and enjoy.


A massage is a healthy session that can be for relaxation or rehabilitation purposes. What men fear the most during a massage is getting an erection during the session which is embarrassing. The reasons that they fear a message are valid and there are steps that they can take to take control of the situation. The most important step is to seek the services of professionals that understand the body reactions.