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Horseback Riding Adventure


Horseback riding is ideal form of recreations, which successfully degrades stress and raises the level of psychophysical abilities. Feelings of satisfaction and control arising from riding and controlling animal from five hundred kilograms are the powerful “drug” that boosts confidence.

Horseback riding gives the experience of freedom and mobility. Contact with the animal that has no prejudice outgrows in a special love.

Horses beauty and nobility, its warmth and rhythm of movement, create combination with unique therapeutic effect. Horseback riding relaxes and benefits the overall health, raises the level of psychophysical abilities and makes people more pleased with themselves and their body.

With horseback riding, as a form of recreation, you can begin to deal with regardless of age, and you can do it throughout whole life. In this time, when people are estranged from nature, horseback riding allows a return to nature, and it promotes a healthy and natural way of life.

Therapeutic horseback riding, in addition to recreational and sports component, includes educational and medical component. Riding relaxes and degrades accumulated stress.

Whole body benefits from it, raises up the level of all psychophysical abilities, especially psychomotoric and cognitive abilities, so the person becomes more pleased with itself and its body. Horseback riding makes muscles, spine, joints and connective tissue stronger. Riding promotes and coordinates motorical functions, coordination of movement and general body mobility.

Horseback riding stimulates breathing, the functioning of the heart and body circulation system and improves digestion. With horseback riding, a person can be and can remain active despite the restrictions in mobility, which are created due to disease or aging process, and thus reduces or even erases feeling of social isolation and less value.

From therapeutic horseback riding people of all ages can benefit, people with different mental and/or emotional damage. The treatment includes a designed contact with a horse, learning to controlling the horse by doing, learning and practice riding on a horse (specially adapted according to the type of handicap), teaching in the barn, games on horseback, trail riding, dressage elements and preparation for sports competitions for more advanced riders.

Except for the healthy children, horseback riding is the ideal form of therapy for children (and adults) with special needs, with the aim of improving the quality of their lives. Horseback riding and care for horses represent an inexhaustible source of incentives for healthy psycho physical development of the child, and especially for the development of personality. With taking care for the horses, children become responsible towards themselves and others, and develop their emotional and social life skills.

Apart from the recreational and therapeutic riding, horses are used for various forms of competition.

Equestrian jumping is Olympic discipline. It takes place in space where the groins are set up in specific row. Player with less groins knocked down wins, in case of two riders having the same number, the winner is the rider who finished race track quicker.

Competitions are held in the remote riding, gallop and canter races.

Gallop races are, for sure, most fascinating form of sports with a horse, and it is also called “equestrian formula one”. Gallop races are definitely the most expanded races in the world, taking places from England, where gallop races where held firs, and all over Europe and America to Hong Kong and Australia. Full-blooded English race horses compete in these races with very light riders called jockeys. Full-blooded English race horse are very expensive and the prizes in gallop races are very high. Just for information, year old full-blooded race horse cost up to 6.5 millions USD.

There are also contests like “Best riding horse” and “The best family horse.” Some of these competitions estimate the appearance and structure of the horses, while others deal with horse behavior. There are also special competitions in dressage of the horses.

Update: What does everyone need after a long day of horse riding. A nice massage.

Definately the end of a perfect day out.


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