Getting Married in Malta

Wedding Season: Malta Travel Guide 2018

Getting married overseas in sunny, seaside locations like Malta can be fantastic. Just think about it – you’re already at your honeymoon destination, when you have your marriage ceremony. You have a party to celebrate the wedding and then you can just relax. Forget about leaving before the party is over, or grabbing an early flight the next morning. You have already done the traveling part before the wedding ceremony even begins.

Here a few points to note about getting married in Malta –

1. you won’t have as many guests at your wedding.

Some see this as a good thing as they cut down on their party catering budget, while others would prefer to have more people there on their big day. We’re just letting you know that having less guests at the party is extremely likely,

2. you could need some big suitcases

if you want to dress up in wedding dresses and fancy suits, then you’re going to need to buy some big suitcases at one of the online luggage retailers like the Online Luggage Shop – best large suitcases 2018. If on the other hand you want to wear a grass skirt, with shorts and t-shirts for the groom, then you’re going to be traveling a whole lot lighter,

3. less stress

Typically, overseas weddings are a lot less stressful that weddings at home, mostly because there is a lot less people and a lot less pomp. You’re less likely to be stressing about the flowers, and the bridesmaids dresses when it’s a smaller and more intimate situation, and frequently this is a much more pleasant experience for the bride and groom.

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